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What an interesting weekend this has been.  I use interesting since I’m not quite sure what else to describe it as.  Friday morning I checked this convoluted “orientation schedule” that they passed out on Wednesday, and it said that we had no more mandatory meetings to attend, so I went back home to get a few things I missed.

Saturday morning bright and early (way too early if you ask me), my RA called to tell me I had to attend 3 mandatory meetings here on campus.  I rushed about my Mom’s house getting dressed (I was pissed, of course, the paper didn’t say anything about mandatory meetings) and I forgot quite a few things that I now have to go back and get.  I made it here in time to start these very banal meetings.  I attended one “lecture” about campus employment (that’s a joke: who witholds 6 weeks before you get paid?), entertainment and publications (I’m quite interested in the Quilt, our literary magazine) and another on Spirituality and Diversity.  After all the hubub about these being mandatory, I later find out from my RA that they were not mandatory, so I rushed back for nothing.  So far, I’m unimpressed with the methods by which the University does orientation.

All of those meetings were geared toward freshmen, which I am not.  Not only was it boring as hell, I was subjected to dialogue such as the following:

First Kid behind me:  “The girl in pink wants a fish.”

Second Kid:  “A fish?”

Third Kid: “I’ll give her a fish.”

That’s the worst sexual inuendo I’ve ever heard.  Point in fact, the girl in pink didn’t say anything about a fish.  She actually asked for a pen.  That should tell you how close people pay attention.  It got worse from there, with these three idiots commenting about how they’d like to “do” her.  After surviving all this crap, I was quite perturbed at the fact these so-called mandatory meetings were not necessary at all.

Returning to my dorm, I suddenly realized that I’m going to go very broke really quick if I don’t find a job somewhere, and with the option of getting paid at the end of october, it looks like I may have to get a job off campus in order to survive this over-priced school.  I also heard that if you wanted to join a fraternity or sorority it costs you 500 bucks.  That’s like paying to make friends.  No thanks.  I’m outgoing enough to make lots of friends without wasting money on something like that.

As much as I was looking forward to this experience, I’m finding it to be a bit stupid how much everything costs.  I was completely unaware that Universities like this one thrive on milking cash from their students.  As if going to college wasn’t difficult enough, they have to make it so you are broke as well.

My classes begin tomorrow, but I still have to go back home (an hour and a half drive) to get the charger to my cell phone, which is lying on the table beside my bed.  I can’t live without my phone.  It’s my lifeline to everyone I know and the only means by which to contact me since no one seems to know how to actually set up the dorm phone.

Seems to me, considering the orientation schedule, someone should have done their job.  Things that weren’t mandatory said they were; things that were, didn’t.  I’m losing faith in the Leadership and Engagement department of this university.  I can only hope that my classes are better than these meetings I’ve attended thus far.  I’ll find out at 11:30 tomorrow when my first class meets.  I would probably complain, but so far I don’t even know who to complain to!  I don’t think I was prepared to deal with so many kids, either. My RA keeps telling me there are more people around my age. However; I’ve only met one.

Did I mention Javier, the singing, dancing super gay guy?  My RA insisted on introducing me to him. As he entered out building last night around 10 p.m., he was belting out songs from Pocahontas.  Gee, I’d never have known he was that gay until he also began tap dancing at the same time.  Guess what his major is?  That’s right:  Musical Theater. (That’s not stereotypical or anything)

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice guy.  He just seems very happy to portray a stereotype that makes the rest of us look stupid. I’m so glad I’m not that guy. I might be gay, but I understand the importance of keeping a low profile. I don’t want people to instantly judge me solely on that reason.  The world is hard enough without adding negatives the moment you meet.  Not only did he sing and dance, he also gave monologues (at the RA’s insistance) to the straight kids sitting in the lobby.  They seemed amused by it.  They could have just been faking,  I don’t know.  After that, I just came back upstairs and went to bed.

I will be returning home today again to grab what I forgot yesterday in my manic rush to get back here.  Hopefully the RA won’t call and tell me to come back for something else that is mandatory but not.

Another update tomorrow, after the beginning of my classes. I hope that goes better than this orientation weekend from hell.

That is all, you are dismissed.


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