Posted: August 31, 2009 in School Daze

Here I was, completely worried about the amount of work I’d be subjected to this semester.  All for naught!  Today’s 3 classes were about the average amount I was used to from PHCC, including the writing assignments (so far. The real test comes tomorrow in Honors English).

I’d like to take a moment to talk about my professors.  My astronomy professor, Dr. D is quite interesting.  He even made several amusing World of Warcraft jokes (yes, I really do play that.  I’ll thank you not to be judgemental).  The math component doesn’t go much further beyond basic logarithms which I can easily handle after finishing college algebra this past summer.

My second professor of the day, Dr. O, is actually an Anthropologist!  Imagine how excited I was to find that tidbit, considering that I have a burning desire to be one myself.  She’s my Government and World Affairs intro teacher.  That class surprisingly was interesting.  I look forward to learning from her this semester, both about goverment and anthro once I pin her down and force it out of her.

My last class of the day was the biggest surprise of all.  At 4:00 I wander (after getting lost) to World Religions, to find no teacher present in the class.  She came storming in approximately 5 minutes after class started, and immediately, she was not what I was expecting at all.  For starters, this woman has degrees in almost everything I’m interested in (save for anthro, but she does have classics, humanities, literature and is currently working on a ph.d), and above that, she’s a paranormal investigator!  How awesome is that!  And we get to take field trips to the local Hindu Temple and Islamic Temple later this year, as well as guest speakers from varying religions.  Her assignments are tough but fair, and I really believe I will learn a lot from her.  She seemed very interested when I mentioned Folklore as my possible masters, and proceeded to tell me some stories regarding local urban legends and ghost stories around UT.  I most definitely want to pick her brain!  She even pointed me towards a website for the paranormal group she works with, which has back pages about urban legends and folklore for the Tampa area.  I’ll be checking that out later this evening. I’d love to work in Historical Research, perhaps I can finagle my way in somehow.

All in all, this has been a great first day.  To quote a very dear friend of mine: “Whatever you expect, it will probably be nothing like it”.  She was absolutely right.  I never really thought there were actual Anthropologists and Paranormal Researchers here on campus, since UT doesn’t offer Anthro as a major (It’s generic counterpart is Cultural Studies).  If my honors English Professor is equal to them, then this semester really will be fantastic.  I’ve never been so excited to learn about stuff before, and I guess the reality that I’m truly on my way to my degree really set in today.

Even though I heard (as we went around the room, like they always do) that business and International Marketing were the most common majors here, I don’t feel out of place anymore knowing that there are several professionals here in my field of study.  I may bend more toward the academic/scholastic than some of the students, which can be odd, but at least in this atmosphere, I feel like I really do have something to contribute.

I think I might be getting acclimated here finally.  Even my cold, tiny room seemed welcoming this morning when I came in.  I still miss my friends, my mom and my angel (Legion of Dhoom, my kitty), I know that the two years that I’m here will fly past in a blur of educational absorption now.  I know that not all my professors while I’m here will be as interesting as the ones right now, however, it’s a pretty good guarantee that I will learn something from this semester here.

And to top it all off? The food here is great.


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