Posted: September 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, my mood returned to pleasant last night after my last blog.  My roommate noticed that I was feeling kinda down pulled me downstairs to the bar to celebrate, which I have to say did actually make me happier.  A few people popped in to visit, though one couldn’t get in with her license from India.  She later told my roommate that she was afraid to bring her passport since it was her life-line to this country.  I can totally understand that, and wouldn’t hold it against her.  I told her that we would go out again, and this time she’d be able to go.

My RA made an appearance for about an hour, as did one of the younger guys from upstairs.  I had a few beers (maybe more, but who counts when you aren’t paying) and started to have a great time.  I listened for a bit to the conversations all around me, drank my beer, and laughed a lot.  I ended up sitting there until 12:30, at which time age began to catch up to me and I had to call it a night and come back.

As I came upstairs, on my door was a piece of construction paper that read: Happy Birthday Kevin! I love having you as a resident.  It was signed by my RA.  That made me smile, and I took a photo of it with my phone for posterity.

It’s funny what you talk about when you start drinking.  My roommate is an intellectual (thank god) and was bringing up all sorts of topics.  When he found out the young man who joined us was doubling in Criminology and Psychology, he launched into a discussion with him about how those two fields have tendencies to make you hate people.  The other guy agreed, and so did I.  Having originally sought a degree in Psychology, my mind was swayed when I discovered that I really didn’t like people up close after all.  That was when I decided to widen my scope to Anthropology, since I like to study people, I just don’t want to be in their heads.

The RA left earlier than the rest of us, she had promised to visit a party uptown and had to go put on a dress to go out.  (She doesn’t seem the type to wear dresses, but I imagine she looked great.  I didn’t see her before she left)  It appears that whether or not I have trouble making friends, she doesn’t have any problem forcing you to by making introductions.  She even coerced me into agreeing to go to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens later this month, where she can force me again into meeting a lot of people.

On another note – I did get a request for an interview with the Paranormal Research Group I mentioned previously.  That will take place later this month, though I probably won’t get to start until Spring.

I’m planning to return home this weekend, since my birthday was yesterday, to have dinner with my family and then again with a group of friends.  I should count myself lucky to have so many people that make my days worth living.

  1. Josh says:

    To alcohol: the cause of – and solution to – all of life’s problems!

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