Posted: September 9, 2009 in School Daze
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Thank whoever for a long weekend!  I feel like I managed to catch up a great deal of stuff that needed doing, as well as getting some rest that I felt I had missed.  While I was at home, I developed a perspective regarding my experiences here, and how I should approach this whole situation.

First,  I’ve been looking at this the wrong way entirely.  Instead of focusing on school, I’ve been worrying about my age amongst the children here on campus.  Silly me, who gives a shit?  The fact is that I’m here to get my degree and I should be thankful that most of these kids appear to be dumb as a box of hair.  That’s not to say they all are.  Just some.  You can tell which ones just by observing them. They lack experience, dedication and any form of work ethic.  It makes me very sad about the state of Education in this country.  When I graduated from High School, we didn’t have the “No Child Left Behind” crap that these kids had to deal with.  In Florida, we had the FCAT, and teachers now only teach the answers to the questions on this test instead of a real education.  Regurgitation is not learning.

Secondly, I’ve worried so much about fitting in that I forgot why I was really even here.  I’ve decided that if I want to make friends, I should look outside the University community for people in my age range.  Most people my age already have real careers, real lives, and are not immersed in the crap that permeates this campus (Frat boys & Sorority chics, oh my).  I look forward to being a Graduate Student; at least then I can rise above the trials and tribulations of freshmen.

Also, I should really try to use the intellect I have that helped me to be in the top 5% of my class at PHCC.  So far, the work is the same as there. I’m not sure what I was really expecting, but I wasn’t expecting it to be fairly simple, that’s for sure.  I pictured days and days of studying to pass tests, write papers and presentations.  So far, it really doesn’t seem like that, but it could change as I climb up the ladder to Senior status.

The only complaint I have is that my Government Professor must be on crack; this week’s reading selection ran approximately 200 pages.  Gee, it’s not like I don’t have 4 other classes to read for.  Whatever, I did it.  Now, whether or not I remember most of it remains to be seen.  I suppose I’ll find out this afternoon.

Another complaint that I must make is the cost of Private School education in this country.  Not only are we paying a ridiculous amount of money in tuition, it also appears that the University engages in price-gouging.  They know they have the corner on the market, considering where the school is located in Tampa, and have raised their prices in accordance with this monopoly.  I feel sorry for people who actually buy things from our Bookstore, where two used paperback books cost me almost 31 bucks.  I almost choked.  I should have just gone to and bought them there.  Chock that up to a learning experience, I will not buy from our campus again.

I’m not unhappy here.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like my classes, my professors, people in my building.  What I don’t like are the prices of everything, the terrible parking situation (Did I mention I got a ticket for supposedly parking in a no-parking zone? There’s another 35 bucks down the drain), some policies and procedures.  It’s all stuff that can be dealt with.  Otherwise, everything is great.

I plan to focus on the things that are important here, and stop worrying about everything else.  Things have a way of resolving themselves if you just let them.  I get to take my first quiz of the semester today, which usually sets the tone for how things will go.  Start with the bar raised high.  It’s a good way to impress your professor if you get a perfect score on your quiz.  What I need right now are network contacts.  It’s all about getting a leg up, and I’ll be damned if some 18 year old will out-do me on any quiz or test.  Bring it on, bastards, bring it on!

Perspective means everything.


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