That’s right, more venting!

Posted: September 10, 2009 in School Daze

Seems as though I’ve been complaining a lot, doesn’t it?  I don’t really think of it as complaining, though. I refer to it as ‘venting’.  Venting is a very useful thing.

The hot water is on again.  Amazing, for 2 days the water has been cold as ice.  My roommate jumped in, then immediately out, of the shower yesterday. I said to him, “That was the fastest shower I’ve ever seen”.  He replied by chattering his teeth and shaking violently, “theressss nnnno hhhot water!”  Add that to the list of things that don’t work like they are supposed to, along with the internet, which is not FIOS as it stated, but a much more slow, crappy version of cable.  It works well when it wants to, which is to say, never.

The RA posted on her whiteboard outside her room today, “The hot water will be on this evening.  Supposedly.”  I like the addition of supposedly.  Seems she is also well aware of how things don’t work here.  I guess it doesn’t matter so much when your parents are paying for everything, but for those of us who are doing it ourselves, it’s damned annoying.  My roommate and I worked out how much we are paying for this apartment (read: closet) each semester, and needless to say, the amount was staggering.

Lets backtrack to my computer class for a moment.  It doesn’t inspire much confidence when your computer professor doesn’t even know how to work the technology she is supposed to be teaching you.  This woman has a doctorate in computer science, and she can’t work the overhead.  I call for a vote of no confidence in her abilities.

It’s really sad when a teacher literally stops the class to tell some of the kids: “Please stop passing notes in class.”  Really? Passing notes? How juvenile.  In my honors english class on tuesday, some girl was texting away.  We were sitting in a circle, and she was quite obvious to everyone.  The professor had to stop what we were talking about to admonish this girl.  What a time waster these kids can be.  I’m not paying such an insane amount per year to have my time wasted.

Speaking of money, I’m considering a transfer at the end of this year (yes, already) to a much cheaper school.  The University of South Florida isn’t that far from here, and from what I keep reading it’s 20k less a year than this private college.  When I applied here, I don’t think I ever really considered how much money it was.  All I thought of was, This will look great on my resume! An honors degree from a private college! Wow. Ahh, how lovely it is to be naive.  Two years seems an awful long time to be here! (Stop bitching, it’s unbecoming) They keep saying that the time will go so fast.  What I’m really afraid of is the sticker shock that will come when I graduate and have to start repayment on the mountain of debt I’ll accumulate in the time I am here.

Did I mention my brother forgot my birthday?  I suppose I shouldn’t really care.  Most of my childhood I felt like I was an only child anyway, since they are all older than I and were married or had lives of their own by the time I was eleven.  I’ll let it slide, he is stressed out (so my mother tells me) and I can’t expect him to remember it when he is busy as hell – even though I keep all of their birthdays on a calendar so I don’t forget.  Like I told someone last week, birthdays stop mattering or being important after you hit thirty. It’s just another day usually.

It’s always cold here.  I don’t have to worry about mold, subzero temperatures tend to retard growth.  My roommate is getting sick.  I told him today I’d have to quarantine him.  I don’t need  to go to the hospital because I caught someone’s damned flu.  Stupid diabetes! Even the flu can make me hospital-bound when I can’t keep control on my blood sugar. I’m beginning to develop an obsession with washing my hands (swine flu! begone!) since I hear so many people coughing or sneezing around campus.  I’d happily march myself over and get a flu shot, but my doctor specifically told me not to do it (something about my immune system, etc).

I missed the part-time job fair today because I was in class during the two hours it was going on.  My schedule seems inconvenient, or else they need to quit scheduling events on the days when either I have class until six or I’m in honors lecture.  I need to find a job, or I’ll just have to get used to being completely broke.  So far, the job rate is sadly low and unemployment is still very high in Tampa.  I’m going to try to find a job back home (if such a thing exists).  I don’t feel like I have much in the way of skills to offer a prospective employer right now.  Who really wants to work as a waiter? I did that once before in my life and found that the pay is not equal to the amount of work you have to put in.

Perhaps my luck will change.

The good news is I’m going home for a little peace and quiet tomorrow.  I plan on working ahead on a few projects that are due later this month.

Maybe I’ll go enjoy the hot water now that it has returned.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. I have left the building.


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