Some Random Haiku

Posted: September 21, 2009 in writing

I was rooting around in my old class papers yesterday (looking for inspiration) and I came across some of these really great haiku by another student in my Creative Writing class, and one or two of my old ones.  Yes, technically, these are not haiku but Senryu (one deals with nature, the other doesn’t).  Enjoy these pearls of wisdom by Mike Sanders:

Adult diaper sale
Hey, accidents still happen
Geriatric poop

Hot dog, deep fried beef
Bacon strips, chili cheese sauce
Arteries Attack!

The forest whispers
for my willful beckoning
Softly I’ll follow (All above Copyright 2008 Mike Sanders)

Here are two of mine that I was playing with. The first is kinda cliche.

Snow falls on cedars
Whispering words of solace
The sun will rise yet.

Heaven is full now.
No entry without a pass,
Stop praying for death.

Just some food for thought. Longer blog later about my weekend and a review of the play I saw on Saturday evening.


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