The Ogre of 4D

Posted: November 2, 2009 in School Daze
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What a shitty couple of weeks this has been.


Resident 4D1

Last week I was very stressed out.  I think it was mostly because of my schedule, I was still in the process of getting adjusted to it.  Lucky for everyone that I feel much better. Hopefully I won’t be storming off and chewing out some poor girl upstairs because she is moving furniture at 11 at night.  I can be a very cranky bitch when I’m having trouble sleeping.  I bet she doesn’t do that again, however, after I went all Ogre-like on her.  Point in fact, it’s been very quiet from the room above me since that night.

I feel compelled to also point out that sometimes if my blood sugar is out of whack, like it can be when I’m sick or stressed, I can be very cranky.  I also sometimes have insomnia, which makes going to sleep worse than a chore.  It’s nothing personal.  It’s best to just avoid me until I feel better most of the time.  Just be thankful that you don’t have to live with me!

My much-hated Government Class today dealt me a surprise: The  professor actually called out some students for their idiotic behavior, and told them that from now on she’d bounce them from class for any disruptions.  It was a quiet, productive class today. That’s a good thing, since we have an Exam on Friday that covers 10 chapters, and it would do those little bastards some good to shut the hell up and listen for a change.

Speaking of Exams, I have two this coming friday.  One in that Government class and the other in the increasingly difficult Astronomy.  It’s amazing that I like that class at all, considering it is a hard science.  The math throws me a little, but I think overall I’m doing well. Or at least, I’d be doing better if he didn’t constantly ask trick questions.  Shame on me for not reading the question more closely.  I’ll not do it a second time.

It’s also been made official that I’m transferring out of UT next semester and into USF’s Anthropology Department.  I received my acceptance last friday in the mail. I’m quite looking forward to actually doing work in my major for a change. I just don’t like the curriculum at UT for Cultural Studies.  Maybe if it dealt with more culture and less bullshit I’d be happier, but I doubt I could ever be happy paying as much in tuition as I am here.

Work is work.  For the past two weeks I’ve been playing file auditor, which entails a lot of data entry.  I’ve gotten much much faster at it though; previously I was able to do one box every 4 hours. Now I can do one box in 2.5 hours, as long as the program we use isn’t going ape-shit because so many people are using it at once.  My first paycheck made any complaints I might have had about the mundane reality of my job vanish.  For that amount per paycheck, I will sit quietly and enter whatever crap they want, as often as they want.

My boss (the lucky bastard) is in Brazil and Argentina for the next 3 weeks. Must be nice! I look forward to next summer when I can take a trip somewhere, anywhere and have a real vacation for a change. Maybe a cruise. We’ll see how much money can be funneled into such an endeavor after I get my tax return next year.

That’ll do it for the night. I’ll write some  more tomorrow about my Astronomy Observation Night on Clearwater Beach.  That should provide plenty of interesting things to say about my classmates.


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