To Insanity and Beyond!

Posted: December 30, 2009 in School Daze

Finals have come and gone, as has Christmas, and I have spent much of that time disconnected from anything academic.  Finals went well, though if you get the chance, don’t ever allow them to give you three back to back in one day.  That really wasn’t much fun, and trying to study for 3 completely different subjects at once can be mind-bottling, to take a phrase from Blades of Glory.

My Astro professor decided to be lazy and literally transposed questions from previous tests onto the final exam. It was cake, and I ended up with the A I had sought all semester.

Government wasn’t terrible.  There were two very very long essays (I think I popped 3 pages each) and a bunch of multiple choice crap. Yet another A.

The group final (the first such thing I’ve ever come across) was TOO easy. Everyone in class scored 104.

I’m finally free of the University of Tampa, and now I will proceed to blast it for certain things, since I’m no longer a student there officially.

They spoke to us in March about how safe the campus was.  I don’t personally think it was very safe at all.  Several people got mugged on campus, and two were killed right near it: one was shot in a robbery, and the other hit by a car only a few weeks ago. Not very safe at all, unless you want to get killed or mugged.

The price of tuition at the U of T is ridiculous, and not worth it. I certainly do not feel I got a $16,000 education this semester.  The shit I learned I could have learned anywhere for a lot less. I suppose that for certain majors (Business, for example) UT is a great school. Otherwise, spend your (or your parents) hard earned money elsewhere on a better education.  From what I heard from many of the other students this semester, the professors just don’t care that much about making sure you learn the information, or what you do with it.  My experience was different, but it could be because I’m an older student.  The ones that I had (save one) were quite helpful and interested in what they were teaching, and therefor, I learned quite a bit.

Take your money to a better school. Private does not mean better.

I will definitely miss all the people I’ve come to know in our tiny, cracker-shack dorm known as Urso Hall.  There are many of them that I miss already! That aspect of school life was totally enjoyable, aside from the few blips on the radar of dealing with, what seemed to be, crazy folk.  Crazy folk are everywhere, and come in all shapes and sizes. They can be unassuming and quiet, or they can be visible and very very loud. Just be warned!

In a week I start at USF.  My first appointment is on the 4th. I have to go see my newly discovered Anthro Adviser prior to my next thursday orientation session.  I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands dirty in Anthropology and Archaeology this semester, and really getting in there to learn what I need to know.  This should be a fun semester, it’ll be the first one where all my courses are in my major, and I can’t wait to get started, though for a bit I’ll be commuting from home until I can move back to tampa officially.  That won’t happen until the first week of March (Spring Break). Until then, I get to drive (huzzah).

My job in Tampa has become a slight problem.  The truth is, with this semester’s schedule, I may not have the extra time to give them 20 hours a week. Hell, I might not even have 10.  If I take the regular 4 I was planning, two of those classes have labs attached to them, so it is basically 6 classes.  That doesn’t leave much time to work and do all the papers I’ll have this semester on Anthro. Some changes will probably be made.

Christmas was, well, Christmas. It was somewhat quiet, and somewhat enjoyable for a change. I’m not a big fan usually, but this year seemed a bit subdued. I haven’t done a whole lot since I’ve been home. The first week I came back I had a really bad cold that kept me stationed on the couch for a while. Since then I’ve not done much either. Hey, it’s a vacation of sorts, after all. Too bad the end of my vacation is approaching too quickly.

As an aside, sometimes certain family can drive you crazy. My advice is to just pretend to be Switzerland: that means you are neutral.  I’ve tried to do that a lot lately. It’s just the easiest way to get through it. I don’t take sides most of the time on family matters unless it’s something that really pisses me off.  I think of it as advanced training in the field, being neutral.  I can observe from both sides and come out with a true opinion of what is going on from a different perspective than being right smack in the middle of it.

All in all, I’m glad the year is over and that the day after tomorrow starts a new decade. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next, this past decade has been on the verge of ‘shit-tastic’ and I think it’s high time for a change. I’m happy to leave behind all the trials and tribulations of my late twenties and move firmly into a new era, the era of Kevin.  I’ve also referred to it as Kevin’s Reign of Terror.  There’s a new sheriff in town, loves, and that means new rules to the games we all play.  It’s about time I turn some of those rules in my favor.

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading, see you in 2010!


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