Adventures in Anthropology

Posted: January 5, 2010 in School Daze

Yesterday was a great day.

I had to go and see my new advisor in the Anthropology department at USF.  For only having been on the campus maybe twice ever, lets just say I was daunted by the size.  I spent fifteen minutes studying the map the night before, trying to find a small building labeled SOC.  When I finally found it, nestled on an off road called Maple, the route I had devised to get there was rather complicated. It involved several turns on several other roads prior to actually arriving at the Social Science building.

It was nowhere near as complicated as I had thought.  I made a wrong turn on Fletcher Avenue on the way there, and surprise surprise! there was Maple, and the SOC building. Problem solved, it involved only one turn.

My friend and I entered the large (much larger than pictured) SOC building and walked straight into the Anthropology Department.  When we found my advisor’s office, it was open so I went straight in.

My first impression was that a student-teacher was sitting there.  He couldn’t have been older than 28 (he was, in fact).  I really didn’t expect an advisor that was so much younger than me.  He was very nice though, and provided me with the paperwork I needed to finish my degree, after saying, “Uh oh!” a couple of times while looking at my transcript.  He really didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, so I have to say it was a much easier experience than I had thought it would be.

I’m officially on-track to get my B.A. in Cultural Anthropology now. The only problem is currently this semester.  Many of the classes I need are closed, though one did come open this morning. I can’t register officially until Thursday, when I have to go to orientation.  So here’s hoping that when I actually sit down to do it, there are enough courses still open for me to take the right number of credit hours for financial aid purposes.

After the pleasant visit with my advisor (whom my friend discovered was very hot, or so she told me during my appointment when he left the room to get something), my friend and I ventured into a part of Tampa I’d not yet visited to find a Korean Restaurant we had looked up online.

It also turned out to be very easy to find.  I must be getting better at directions than I thought, at least when it comes to finding something I’ve never been to.

The place itself was nestled in a strip mall.  It looked very unassuming from outside, but the inside was very nice.  For having very limited access to Korean food, I had no idea what to order other than what my friend had made previously (she’s half Korean), so we decided to go with what we knew (or I knew, she’s been to Korea). It was excellent, I must say.  She had the Bagogi (that might not be the right spelling), we had kimchi of four varieties, Yakimandoo, some sushi, and a very sweet tea served at the end of the meal.

I always look forward to trying new things, so we’ve decided to go back for her birthday and I’m going to further explore the menu.  I still think I’ll avoid some of the seafood dishes. We are not exactly friends, seafood and I.  I like sushi, but certain types of seafood gross me out, regardless of how good it might taste.

The day ended with a movie, Star Trek, which was decent.  If you like that sort of thing, you’ll probably enjoy that movie.  There are some neat story twists that make it different from the original series, and all in all, I think it was well done.

Thursday is orientation, so I plan to use it as a chance to scope out the school, the people and the teachers I encounter.  Here’s hoping my classes open up to make my schedule work.


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