Updates and endless work

Posted: January 30, 2010 in School Daze, writing

It never ends! All this writing and reading and writing. I feel like my brain is in some perpetual state of absorption.

I’m reminded of an episode of Married….with children: Kelly needs to learn something for some tv show, and Al & Bud teach her stuff, but for every one fact she learns that is new, she loses 3 old facts. I frequently say, “Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat”  which came right from that episode.  They teach her about a country and she forgets how to wash her hair.  I’m starting to feel like that.

I felt like a complete and utter Cro Magnon yesterday in my online class.  I really hate biology, and apparently I’m expected to know human evolution too. Sure, I know what human evolution is. However, I do not know all the scientific names for the various stages of human development. Put that on the list of shit to memorize.

French is going well.  Le Français va bien. Je t’aime Le Français. Thus completes the portion of my blog en Français.

Cultural Anthropology is fascinating, as I’ve always known it would be.  Archaeology is a bit more science-heavy than I realized, but I just need to shift gears to social scientist.

I’ve not really been writing much here lately, because I’m finally taking some time and turning my experiences in New Orleans into a type of ethnography. It’s very long so far. I’ll probably publish it here on the blog in pieces, since it will take time to finish it and it is rather lengthy. I would not want to punish my readers with what may turn out to be a 30 page thing.  I have a lot to say about what I saw in New Orleans, from the various sub-cultures I encountered, to what it was like to live in that city before Katrina destroyed it. Look for that soon, if I ever get caught up.

So far, this year is a crapshoot. If I had a reset button, I’d hit it. No saved games, just do over from the beginning.  The shit with my transcripts, the problems I’ve had with Financial Aid, all of it would start over and this time I’d just deal with the real problem, now that I know what it is.  What a pain in the ass this process has been.

The next few days are full of work.  It seems like as soon as I finish one thing, there are five more due. I’ve got to get myself into a schedule. Otherwise, I’m going to feel like I’m about to be steamrolled by a huge project for Archaeology. Yes, it’s due in 2 months or so. Plenty of time. As long as I don’t put it off.

I did write a pretty decent “blurb” for Cultural Anthro about the AAA’s statement of race. I think I’ll keep that for my portfolio.

Tonight’s activities include: More accursed reading, and as a reward, I’m going to watch Absolutely Fabulous: The Last Shout.  What’s not to like about two drunk, middle-aged women falling into open graves? What’s wrong with selling your daughter into white slavery in Morocco? Classic.

That’s it. C’est fini.


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