Another Update

Posted: April 5, 2010 in School Daze
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Yes yes, I’m a bad blogger. I’ve not had time to post much of anything lately, so I figure I’ll do one quick update and you’ll just have to forgive me for not writing that much more right now.  Soon, you shall understand.

This semester of insanity is finally drawing to a close. There are only about 4 weeks left of classes (thank Whoever) and I’ve already registered for both the Summer A/C term and Fall 2011. After checking my degree audit, I’m less than a year from Graduation, if I work my ass off for that year.  All that remain are my core courses (My capstone course, my senior seminar, electives) and at the end of next summer I hopefully walk with Honors.

Speaking of honors, I joined Phi Kappa Phi today as a member.  They invited me (it must be that crazy 3.94 GPA) and I figure, since my application for Grad School will be coming up, I need as much crap as I can on there.  Some people have said that with my very high GPA I won’t have much worries, but it’s not that so much as I feel like I need another major project (It would have been my honors thesis, but the timing won’t work for me to join the Anthro Honors Program at USF, since the thesis is offered successively from Fall to Spring) to put on my resume.  I’m considering some kind of Research Study within the Arts, since that seems to be an area I have the most experience with.  I still have time to decide before this summer, thankfully.

I’ve had to back-burner some of my writing projects (New Orleans Fairytale Pt. 2) because of the writing load in the Anthro department.  Since my semester started off on the wrong foot (see previous blog posts) I’ve had to play busy bee and work non-stop to get myself caught up. As it stands, I despise my Archaeology class.  The TA’s contradict the textbook, and whoever makes up the quizzes does it too.  I might be lucky to get out with a B, but I’ll take it since I absolutely hate these “teachers”.

I have 9 credits this summer, but luckily it’s only 2 classes. French 2, which seems completely easy to me and my Great Works class, which in this case is Life after Death (Rel minor).  I expect that one to have a lot of writing in it.

Fall will be much busier, and right now my schedule says I’ll spend about 10 hours on campus on Tuesdays. Doesn’t that suck? It’s still subject to change, I need to take Statistics.

Anyone else feeling a strange obsession with old Madonna songs lately?  It seems like it’s all I’ve been listening to while I’ve been working.  I’ve gone through Confessions on a Dance Floor quite a few times in the past 2 weeks, finding myself “hung up” on Hung Up.  I can’t say why, prior to now I’ve never really even listened to that album much.  It has its moments, but I still prefer Madonna in the Pre-American Life days. Greatest Hits might as well stay on repeat, I still have a lot of writing to do, including my Project on the Deptford Culture and the associated local Archaeological site I’ve chosen.  That’s due on the 21st of April.

So you see, I have a lot of work still to do to finish this semester out better than it started.  Speaking of, it’s time to study. I have 2 exams this week back to back and a discussion post to finish. There is no rest for the Wicked or the Weary.


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