About The Author

Kevin Rookwood is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of South Florida in Anthropology.  He currently awaits acceptance to the Graduate School of the University of South Florida’s School of Information.

He describes himself as: “a fairly average guy” with an above average intelligence that has gotten him into many a trouble in the past.  After wasting what he considered to be too much time, he decided to re-enter the world of academia and chase his dreams of a better life.  He hopes this blog will represent a slice of college life from an adult perspective, without all the partying and sex that usually belies the so-called “modern” college experience (and indeed does, please see some of the earlier works for more information).  Additionally, he writes about Anthropology and Popular Culture, as well as working in the genre of Fantasy.  He gladly welcomes your comments and feedback, though he might not always be nice about it.


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