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Posted: September 1, 2009 in Folklore
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Taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, I applied today to work with a local group of Paranormal Researchers as a historical research assistant.  I was motivated to this for several reasons:  First, folklore is my passion.  Secondly, I’ve always been interested in the paranormal.  When I first heard about this group yesterday from my professor, I think my heart skipped a beat.  I forget the benefits of actually living in a city that has other things to do aside from get drunk, have kids and gossip.  It probably doesn’t hurt that my professor is actually the head of this group, but my motivations were purely selfish.

Working with this group and doing research could greatly benefit my future career.  I discovered that I need some kind of involvement to pad my resume for Graduate School, and why not show that I have interest in Research (Both Paranormal and Folkore)?  Aside from all of the obvious reasons, I’d love to actually experience some paranormal phenomenon.  My professor has attended at least 400 cases with this group, and I’m sure that doing research could open the doors to other things, like writing non-fiction about the actual processes of folklore and folklife study, not to mention helping me here at the University with my Honors Thesis.

Now comes the part where I wait.  I received a notification from them that my application has been accepted, and it will be forwarded to the New Member Committee for review.

Tampa is full of folklore.  I even heard that the theater around the corner from my building is reportedly haunted; albeit the University Administration will not allow investigators to come in to do real research (probably because paranormal investigation is still considered a pseudo-science, no matter how far it has come).  There are always ghost stories at universities.  I’m making it my business to find and root them out, so I can document them for posterity.  Only two days into this semester and already I’m filling my plate with ample helpings of research and documentation.  There is only one way to truly learn to do something:  get your ass out there and do it!  All the reading I’ve done lately on ethnography and Folklore Field Study will now be useful, at last.  Here’s hoping they grab me up!

There will be more to come later, but right now it’s time for my Honors English class!